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2GROOVE acoustics (pop, soul, disco)
52! Factorial (rock/metal coverband)
AC/DC by ACD-She (tribute)
Anouk Tribute Band by NINA
AUTUMN LEAVES (unplugged duo)
Awesome Blue
BEN LITTLEWOOD (duo of trio)
BIG 4 TRIBUTE – Thrash Metal Package Deal
BLONDIE – Back to Blondie (tribute)
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – The Boss Brothers (tribute)
Buurman & Buurman
DEEP PURPLE by DeepWhite (tribute)
DoeMeDieMaar (Nederlandstalige covers)
DR. FUNK & MR. SOUL (groovy duo)
Ed Kowalczyk’s LIVE by Simple Creed (tribute)
Exile – Rolling Stones Tribute
EXPERIENCED?!? (original dangerous rock ’n roll)
GarageInc Metallica tribute
GILLES PROUST – Ludieke Sjansonnier
HOT ROD RIOT (Rockabilly & Rock ’n Roll)
Ignition Rockabilly
JANIS JOPLIN by Pearl (Tribute)
KINGS OF LEON – WOT (tribute)
KOYLE – a Tribute to Rock coverband
LOCO DRIVE-IN (Allround Drive-DJ)
LOS BARSTARDOS (feest coverband)
LUKAZZ (hard rocking coverband)
Marketsquare Mike
NEDERPOP by The Reverend goes Dutch
Novaddiction (rock coverband)
PUUR (unplugged allround duo)
RECTIFIRE (classic rock cover-band)
ROLLING STONES – Like a Rolling Stone (tribute)
SANTANA by Fuente del Ritmo (tribute)
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